Learning Cluster Tokyo Fieldwork Day1


20 Learning Cluster students are participating in Tokyo Fieldwork from July 12th to 14th. This year is the 70th anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and LC students visited international organizations and NGOs that are tackling Human Rights issues on a world scale.


After arriving at Tokyo on Day1, LC students visited Japan office of the biggest international Human Rights NGO, Amnesty International. The NGO staff gave a workshop style lecture about various kinds of Human Rights issues, such as poverty, refugees, death penalty, and LGBT. The students participated in the discussion actively and they were able to understand the difficulty of Human Rights issues as well as the importance of focusing on each individual who is suffering from Human Rights violation.


Next, LC students visited Save the Children Japan office, which is the international NGO specialized on children in developing countries. After receiving an introductory presentation about the organization and their ongoing projects/activities in the world, they had a discussion on child rights issues that are happening in the world. In the discussion, they focused on a child who is suffering from various kinds of problems in his life from the perspectives of what kind of problems he has and how people around him can support to solve the problems. Through this visit, the students were able to realize what kind of actions they can take now as high school students and what they need to be capable in the future.


Lastly, they visited Human Rights Now, an international Human Rights NGO founded in Japan. The staff gave a lecture on the function of international NGO network to protect Human Rights in the world. As an example, Myanmar’s democratization was introduced to explain how empowerment of civil society and business enterprise work to solve Human Rights problems. LC students actively made many questions in the lecture and they were able to realize some Human Rights issues close to them in their daily life and what kind of action they can take to solve them.


After visiting Human Rights Now, LC students moved to National Olympics Memorial Youth Center where they are going to stay for two nights. At the end of the day, they reflected on what they learned so far and prepared for upcoming visits. On Day2, they visited JOICFP, United Nations University and JICA.


アムネスティ日本 http://www.amnesty.or.jp/

セーブ・ザ・チルドレン・ジャパン http://www.savechildren.or.jp/

ヒューマンライツ・ナウ http://hrn.or.jp/


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