Learning Cluster 2018 begins!

On April 7th, Learning Cluster 2018 made a start for its fruitful one year program.
In the first period, LC students shared their experiences in spring break.  First, four students introduced their experience at 2018 Super Global High School Research Summit (SGH Koshien) and gave their presentation about climate change that they researched in LC class last year. Following that, five new LC students who participated as observers shared what they learned through SGH Koshien.  Then, two students shared their experience and research at Critical Issues Forum (CIF), which is an international high school student conference on nuclear disarmament.
In the second period, LC students shared their research in spring break. They were assigned to do research about our Founder’s latest Peace Proposal and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and on this day, they had sessions in small groups to explain their research including Q & A time.
This year, LC students will have many opportunities to show their research and they will strengthen their identity as global citizens.

4月7日(土)に、2018年度Learning Clusterがスタートしました。


創価高等学校の写真 創価高等学校の写真